In the spring of 1991, Rodney King, a black man, was secretly beaten by four white Los Angeles police officers after a high-speed chase. A nearby resident videotaped the beating from the balcony of his apartment. When the videotape was broadcast on national television there was an immediate outcry from the community.

The next year, in what was to be the “slam dunk, open and shut case of the century”, the police officers were tried and found not guilty. The city exploded in rage and sadness, and descended into crisis. The verdict took the city, the nation and the world by surprise - from government officials to average citizens. Even the defence lawyers anticipated that there would be some convictions. What followed was three days of burning, looting and killing that some have called the worst riots in U.S. history. The events scarred Los Angeles and captured world attention.

From TJ Martin and Daniel Lindsay, the Oscar-winning directors of Undefeated, and Simon Chinn and Jonathan Chinn, the Oscar and Emmy-winning producers of Searching for Sugarman, Man On Wire and 30 Days, comes an immersive, visceral and highly relevant documentary experience about America’s recent past.