Breakthrough 2

From Brian Grazer and Ron Howard, acclaimed series Breakthrough returns for a second fascinating season, providing thought-provoking and imaginative perspectives on scientific discovery as it unfolds. As with season one, each episode is helmed by a premier director and features the leading scientists in a particular field working on cutting-edge projects with breakthrough potential.

Subject matters include addiction, where Professor Matthew Johnson of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine is conducting groundbreaking research using psychedelic drugs, and killer T-cells, where Dr. Andre Choulika, CEO of CELLECTIS, is re-engineering our immune cells to target and destroy cancers.

This new season also has a big focus on breakthroughs in technology. One episode looks our ability to predict the future by using powerful computers that can see patterns in Big Data, while another investigates the ramifications of advancing drone technology. We watch innovators creating power in parts of the world not on the grid and we also delve into the chilling issue of cyber attacks. This episode explores the Darknet, as well as the catastrophic consequences of national power grids failing – such as nuclear power plants going into meltdown. Breakthrough introduces us to the scientists fighting back against the dark side of the technological revolution.

Season 2 Executive Producers:

Brian Grazer
Ron Howard
Michael Rosenberg
Steven Michaels
Jonathan Koch
Ryann Lauckner
Kurt Sayenga
Mark Dowley

Season 2 Directors:

Ana Lily Amirpour
Shane Carruth
David Lowery
Shalini Kantayya
Steven Hoggard
Emmett Malloy
Brendan Malloy

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