Call Me Bruna is a brilliant new drama based on the true story of Raquel Pacheco, also known as Bruna Surfistinha, a young, middle-class girl who became the most famous prostitute in São Paolo, Brazil.

Bored with her comfortable life in the suburbs, Raquel decides to make a major lifestyle change. She runs away from home and heads for the city, where, despite being underage, she soon starts working at a high-end brothel, run by an old madam called Stella. Here she meets a range of fascinating characters, including fellow sex workers and rivals Jessica, Georgette and Monica. Monica is in love with Georgette but she unwittingly becomes the object of affection of Assis, the brothel’s builder. The place is also frequented by Stella’s debt-laden son José Ricardo, house guard Claudionor and Luiz Mario, a cop who’ll do anything in exchange for the brothel’s services. The series follows life in the brothel and sees Raquel fight her rivals, manage her clients and stand up to her family. In the process, she discovers her body and her sexuality and transforms into Bruna, one of the most sought after prostitutes in São Paolo.


SEASON 1: 8 x 60

#1 in its slot, outperforming HBO’s Westworld and Divorce
Surpassed The Walking Dead ratings on Fox 1 by 13%
#2 Fox series of all-time in Brazil