It’s the year 2091 and City of Destiny and New Manaus are urban centres representing a bi-polar world: the well organised from the chaotic, the abundant from the depleted. One is safe and bright, the other filthy and overcrowded. They portray two different destinies for their inhabitants: life and death.

Gaming and virtual worlds were banned four years ago but the seven best gamers in the world have been recruited by the game-obsessed billionaire owner of the Neodimio Corporation, to play an extreme game on the moon of Calisto. Aboard Colonus, which is both a spaceship and a console game, they compete for glory and a place of privilege in the City of Destiny. However, everything changes when veteran gamer Ferrán discovers the grim reality that lurks behind the façade of this game – intriguingly called Reset. In Calisto, the arena is not virtual after all; the seven gamers are killing real people. Who will return to Earth alive?

2091 is a gripping drama, full of complex characters dealing with everyday problems and deep moral dilemmas. A fascinating storyline and extraordinary sets puts the action clearly in the future, however, at its heart are universal themes about people struggling for survival and redemption.

Episodes: 11 x 60 + 1 x 120