School for In-Laws

School for In-Laws is a new competitive reality series that follows on from the success of School for Husbands, but this time, the attention is turned to problematic mothers-in-law.

They might be meddlesome, nosy, envious, competitive or manipulative, or maybe they’ve crossed the line when it comes to intimacy with their son/daughter in- law. If so, they are sent back to school – under the watchful guidance of a headmaster and relationship experts – to learn a few life lessons and help ensure family harmony. The students meet conflicts head-on, see their behaviour on video and undertake a range of tasks focused on topics such as tolerance and privacy.

Sometimes they get a taste of their own medicine and other times, self-reflection highlights where they may have been going wrong. Will our stubborn mothers-in-law be able to change their ways and realise that living in a permanent battlefield isn’t good for them – or anybody else? At times it can get very emotional but School for In-Laws is also hugely funny and full of warm moments that celebrate the importance of family.

13 x 60'

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