If you hit rock bottom, should you seek happiness or justice?
Elvan is a busy woman living in Istanbul, trying to hold on to life with her two children and no-good husband.

Although she takes everything upon herself, she never complains and does everything she can in order to make her family happy. She doesn’t know that worse times are ahead.

A hit and run accident puts her son, Selim, in intensive care and shatters her life. The driver, Atıf Sinan, is the son of a wealthy family and to protect him, they send him overseas, assuring him the little boy is fine, and instead put the blame on the family driver. Elvan’s drunken husband, Tahir, learns the truth and blackmail’s Atıf’s father. When Elvan finds out, she and Tahir get into a fight, which ends with Elvan killing him and being sent to prison – after which she is shunned by everyone, including her children.

Elvan’s only support comes from lawyer Fuat, who is working to get her released. Meanwhile, despite warnings from his family, Atıf Sinan needs to see Selim and eventually falls in love with his sister Seray, Elvan’s daughter. As their lives become inextricably bound together, what will Elvan do – protect Seray’s happiness or seek justice?

Episodes: 38 x 60'