That is My Life

At the start of the fourth season of this gripping drama Bahar is in prison, while her step-sister Efsun has everything in life that she ever wanted; more money than she can spend, a thriving textiles business, a handsome husband and most significantly of all, five-year-old Nuran, her true source of happiness. When Bahar is set free she’s determined to start a new chapter in her life but that’s when the sleepless nights begin for Efsun… She’s fearful that Bahar will realise that she is Nuran’s mother. Two women, two mothers and an innocent fiveyear- old between them. The secrets and lies are about to be revealed – with explosive consequences.

SEASON 4: 127 x 60' NEW
SEASON 3: 123 x 60'
SEASON 2: 127 x 60'
SEASON 1: 40 x 60'

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